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The FRANC (FRANC) is now offering staking investment plans at the CREX24 exchange.

Paris, France 15 April 2021:

In January 2021, the team behind the FRANC (FRANC) has announced an upcoming staking plan. Today we are proud to announce that FRANC has joined the “Investbox“ investment plans at the CREX24 exchange.

These investment plans are a smart way to add a steady valuation of your FRANC holding over the time.

Investors can make 15% APR vested monthly in FRANC, effortlessly.

The FRANC authors have secured 100,000,000 Francs to insure that all the payouts can be delivered for the years to come. “We want to encourage our investors to keep their FRANC until the project W.O.K. is in beta and functional. We will stop the staking once we reach this stage, but in the meantime, for the next 2 years, we hope that many will follow our project and help us by staking their FRANC said Nicolas Choukroun, the author of the project.” Please note that the exchange rate for the coin you wish to invest in can change significantly over time.
Investors can withdraw their funds at any time.
If an investor does not close an investment, it will be extended for another period automatically.
The operation is starting today at

You can find Franc website here:
The Franc project’s, (codenamed W.O.K) website is here: