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Kryptofranc (KYF) to stop its NGO voting platform to focus on a different project named W.O.K.

Paris, France 24/02/2021:

In July 2019, the authors of Kryptofranc (KYF) a blockchain based on Bitcoin Core published a press release announcing the creation of Kryptofanc and its quotation in CREX24 a major crypto exchange.

This new innovative blockchain based on Bitcoin was designed to be a human right platform, and to connect the crypto technologies with the NGO (Non-Governmental Organisation) who needed funding from the crypto investors.

However, our voting platform did not attract the NGO attention the way we expected, and did failed to become a major interest for these organisations.

As a conclusion of this experience, the Kryptofranc team will stop their voting platform located on our website https://kryptofranc.com/results.php

A total of 10493377 KYF have been donated to 118 NGO associations. These will be available to any official representative who will contact us.

“We decided to use the KYF the way it was supposed to be when I first started working on Kryptofranc and Franc in 2017, said Nicolas Choukroun. The crypto currencies are struggling to be accepted in the real world because the governments and the banks are resisting to these new technologies, my conclusion was that if the real world don’t want the crypto-currencies to be mainstream, then let’s create a virtual world where these will power a virtual economy: in a game or a social networking platform! Let us create a place where people can have a true virtual life and make a living out of our crypto-currencies. Connecting gamers and crypto is guaranteed to be a success.”

“We have tried our best to connect the dots between two very different worlds, the charity business and the crypto-currencies technologies. Apparently, this is a step that cannot be taken now added Jean Martial Lefranc. We have to move forward with our projects, a lot of investors now believe in us, we have grown more than 1000% since our introduction and we are just at the beginning.”

Franc will be tradable in a major exchange just as Kryptofranc, and both will empower a project codenamed W.O.K.

The Kryptofranc website is here: https://kryptofranc.com
The W.O.K website is here: