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Franc (FRANC) is a new currency created by the Kryptofranc author.

Paris, France 25/01/2021:

The authors of Kryptofranc (KYF) a blockchain based on Bitcoin Core are announcing a new project named Franc (FRANC).

This new altcoin is a smart contract programmed on the TRON (TRX) blockchain with Solidity.

“Franc was the initial project before we decided to do the Kryptofranc” explains Nicolas Choukroun who is the author of the project Franc. I have moved forward and have decided to revive the legendary French Franc currency as a new Tron based token”.

“We need a token for our next upcoming exciting project, which will use Franc to empower it, and at the same time we are writing history by reviving the Franc, the French currency that was for centuries in the top 5 world’s reserve currency, but was unfortunately fused in the Euro” added the author.

Franc will be tradable in a major exchange just as Kryptofranc and we will swap Kryptofranc to Franc, to empower a still undisclosed project codenamed W.O.K.

All the Kryptofranc holders will receive the equivalent of their holding in Francs.

CREX24 will process the swap the 27th March 2021.

The Kryptofranc website is here:
The W.O.K website is here: