Le ₣ranc 2021                    
Rebirth of the French Currency

L’avenir est un présent que nous fait le passé. - André Malraux

What is ₣ranc?

700 years of history

The ₣ranc was one of the first currency in history before it was obliterated by the Euro. The first coins found were printed as early as year 1360. The ₣ranc was the 5th world reserve currency in 1999, date when it was official replaced by Euro. It was used by 43 countries. The French ₣ranc was a commonly held international reserve currency of reference in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Based on the Tron Blockchain.

₣ranc is a smart contract TRC10 used to do stacking on the Krypto₣ranc. For 2 years between 2021 and 2023, holders of Krypto₣ranc (KYF) who are holding more than 5 Millions KYF will receive 15% APR, paid every month. This will be the only way to mine ₣ranc (FRANC), until the full project codenamed W.O.K will be in public beta.

A new economy

₣ranc will power an amazing new world, that is virtual but has a real economy and financial system. This world will allow you to do all the things that can't be done in the real world, and realize all your dreams. This new world named W.O.K will be as real looking as the real world is, with beautiful beaches, sun and more importantly fun!

Designed to become the most used cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrencies have a problem: lack of acceptation in our societies which are under the strict control of the banks and the fiat money. The solution is to create a new society, with its own rules, where the real world cannot censor because it will be totally new, in a virtual world and powered by cryptocurrencies. The global pandemic of Covid-19 teach us something: we need to have a backup plan, a secure place where we can continue to have a fun and enjoy our lives. Taking our lives away is not an option, and in order to power such a place, we need to have a real economy, so that people can work in this virtual world, meet, have fun. ₣ranc will be what people will use to buy their beers in this virtual world named W.O.K. We believe that this economy will grow virtually to become as big as some real states. Investing in ₣ranc and Krypto₣ranc will be your best and smartest investment.

A cryptocurrency that you can mine effortless until 2023.

₣ranc is a smart contract, and it will not be in use before the whole W.O.K project will be in an open beta stage. However, anyone can get ₣rancs before hand by holding Krypto₣ranc (KYF). You can buy Krypto₣ranc at CREX24 and hold + 5 Millions in your wallet. All wallets holding +5M Krypto₣ranc will receive 15% APR vested monthly in FRANC currency. The only thing you have to do is to enter 2 addresses on our main website at Krypto₣ranc, one address for Krypto₣ranc to check how many KYF you are holding on this address, and one ₣ranc address to receive your mined ₣rancs, that's it!.

Why using 2 Cryptocurrencies.

Both concepts are great and are complementary: Krypto₣ranc is a real blockchain, like Bitcoin Core: it will be the equivalent of Gold in the W.O.K project, like Kryptonite, something rare and valuable. It is the most trusted money. ₣ranc will be the equivalent of cash, for small transactions. The ₣ranc smart contract will also give the possibility to save your avatar in the Ethereum blockchain and restore it. Also smart contracts can create and delete coins on demand and are offering the kind of control that you need to run a real economy. This kind of flexibility does not exist for blockchains. The two will be usable and exchangable through the W.O.K application as well as in major exchanges.

Warren Buffet tells us:
do not put all your eggs in one basket!

It is a well known rule for any investors, and it is the favorite quote from Warren Buffet: not invest your money in one thing that has the risk to collapse.

Then why keeping all your money in a bank, when we know that banks are broke, they are in debt, and will one day or another collapse? Why put your all your eggs in one basket?

Bill Gates saying that another financial crisis is a 'certainty' Le ₣ranc can be used to diversify your assets and keep some of your wealth out side the toxic current financial bubble!

Nicolas Choukroun

Geek, programmer

Encyclopedia Gama
Role: Design/Programming.

Jean Martial LeFranc

Entrepreneur, producer

Role: Marketing / Finance

The faces behind this project.

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